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Ho progettato un calendario di analisi a tema xkcd usando RStudio. Ecco un esempio di stile xkcd del grafico a barre . Carattere usato = HumorSans.ttf [collegamento dato sopra] Pacchetto utilizzato [xkcd] Per generare questa trama . Ecco il codice utilizzat XKCD è abbastanza popolare che le persone cercheranno qualcosa di oscuro a cui si fa riferimento. Qui sopra è pubblicata una nota che gli spammer usano W's-34 nelle intestazioni per reindirizzare le ricerche. Dato che a volte gli spammer lavorano per siti porno, l'autore ha creato il porno collegato a w-34 semplicemente chiamando 34 su di esso. Sacra ricorsione batman Infos of Me. About My FriendFeed; About; My Schedule; My Picasa Web Album; Feedback; FriendFeed; Schedule; Picasa Web Album; My Twitter. RT @majornelson: Play EA SPORTS FIFA 21 (@EASPORTSFIFA) early with the Ultimate and Champions Editions, now available for Xbox One (dual en 4 months ago; your 1 year ago #OneDrive is here! It's the one place for everything in your life r/xkcd: /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to discuss the comics and other work by Randall with other Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. xkcd r/ xkcd. Join. Posts Comic Threads. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Rising. card. card classic compact.

Harken my fellows! It draws near, the Green Lady dancing in It's wake, hand in hand with her sweet red friend. It's minions busy themselves around white structures heralding It's arrival Jan 20, 2013 - Forever comparing, never evaluating on any external scale. If you were a sort function, you'd never break the nlogn barrier

Unsatisfied Uma espécie de versão do xkcd para o mais manjado dos refrões: I can't get no/ Satisfaction/ 'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try I saw XKCD #584 - Unsatisfied - this morning. In the comic (in a slightly Sliding Doors way), a man chooses between one of two lovers, and spends the rest of his life thinking about the other one in a what if kind-of way, leaving him ultimately unsatisfied with his life, regardless of which he chooses.. Go read the comic if you haven't yet window play javascript html audio video sound html5 xkcd unsatisfied theory - Regola 34 di Wolfram in XKCD Lo scherzo al passaggio del mouse in#505 xkcd touts chiamo la regola 34 sulla regola 34 di Wolfram So I shan't tell you about all the fun and exciting (read: horrible and exhausting) things I've been up to lately. Instead, to keep you amused, here's an animated GIF that amused me. That is all

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  1. Your reasoning is completely correct -- the whole reason for doing it is so that you can help others in the future and avoid situations like the one in this XKCD where you find an ancient comment saying something like nvm solved it lol and you leave unsatisfied. And, even if you're feeling selfish, you should still do it since you're liable to gain some rep if others find your self-answer.
  2. xkcd: Good Cop, Dadaist Cop xkcd: Backward in Time xkcd: Valentine Dilemma xkcd: Kerning xkcd: Car Problems xkcd: Wake Up Sheeple xkcd: Wrong Superhero xkcd: Baby Names xkcd: Etymology-Man xkcd: Sigh xkcd: Suckville xkcd: Sustainable xkcd: Sloppier Than Fiction xkcd: SOPA xkcd: Batman xkcd: Adam and Eve xkcd: Game AIs xkcd: AAAAAA xkcd: 1000 Comics xkcd: Cougars xkcd: 2012 xkcd: Wait Wait xkcd.
  3. xkcd is a highly successful webcomic, created by Randall Monroe

XKCD. Solar System Cartogram. 3/19/2021 . Siri. 3/17/2021 . Post-Vaccine Party. 3/15/2021 . Circles. 3/12/2021 . Geothmetic Meandian. 3/10/2021 . Vaccine Guidance. 3/8/2021 . Mars Rovers. 3/5/2021 . Manage Your Preferences. 3/3/2021 . Leap Year 2021. 3/1/2021 . Post-Pandemic Hat. 2/26/2021 . Exposure Models. 2/24/2021 . Mars Landing Video. 2/22/2021 . Perseverance Microphones. 2/19/2021. Sent to you by Rehan via Google Reader: Unsatisfied via xkcd.com on 5/14/09 Things you can do from here: Subscrib..

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  1. New to Comic Rocket? Comic Rocket is a growing index of 40,846 online comics.We link to creators' sites exactly as they're meant to be shown. Dive through the archives or read the latest page, and Comic Rocket will keep track of where you left off
  2. 中文xkcd漫画索引 . 中文xkcd漫画索引 [584] Unsatisfied [583] CNR [576] Packages [573] Parental Trolling [572] Together [571] Can't Sleep [570] New Car [569] Borders [568] Well 2 [567] Urgent Mission [562] Parking [561] Well [560] Lithium Batteries [557] Students [556] Alternative Energy Revolution [555] Two Mirrors [554] Not Enough Work [552] Correlation [551] Etch-a-Sketch.
  3. We're not surprised that you're unsatisfied with your new phone's default tones. A lot of smart phones come with some pretty dumb ringtones. That's why we make the tones that your mobile is missing. Our Ringtones. RCP Ringtones are designed with professional sound and style, tested to sound discreet and clear on the latest smartphones. Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, Nokia, Symbian.
  4. Unsatisfied. Posted by Tory on Friday, May 15, 2009 / Labels: comics, relationships. Oh, xkcd. You are pretty brilliant. 0 comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. People I Like. WWdN: In Exile. and . breathe 1 month ago Fuck You, Penguin. Get Outta My Tree (But Not Into My Car) 3 months ago Blinking Lights and Other Revelations. Geoffrey Ashton Brooks, February 11, 1948.
  5. 584 - Unsatisfied; 585 - Outreach; 586 - Mission to Culture; 587 - Crime Scene; 588 - Pep Rally; 589 - Designated Drivers; 590 - Papyrus; 591 - Troll Slayer; 592 - Drama; 593 - Voynich Manuscript; 594 - Period; 595 - Android Girlfriend; 596 - Latitude; 597 - Addiction; 598 - Porn; 599 - Apocalypse; 600 - Android Boyfriend; 601 - Game Theory; 602 - Overstimulated; 603 - Idiocracy; 604.

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unsatisfied reproduce ebay can theory - Regola 34 di Wolfram in XKCD Lo scherzo al passaggio del mouse in#505 xkcd touts chiamo la regola 34 sulla regola 34 di Wolfram xkcd-like scatter plot Feature Engineering. Now that we have clearly identified the churned users, it's time to put our data science hats on and try to identify the contributing factors to the churn rate. How does one behave if they were unsatisfied with the service? I will try to answer that question with the 6 engineered features below: Average hour when a user plays a song; Maybe people. Sadly.(via xkcd: Unsatisfied) 12th May 2012. Could not reproduce :D (via xkcd: CNR) 12th May 2012 (via xkcd: Parental Trolling) 11th May 2012. While it may seem like trivia, it (causes huge headaches for software developers / is taken advantage of by high-speed traders / triggered the 2003 Northeast Blackout / has to be corrected for by GPS satellites / is now recognized as a major cause of. Twitturly - URL Info: xkcd - A Webcomic - Unsatisfied ( http » Pense e-Learning. Posted by absdawkinsreel on May 15, 2009. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Like Loading... Related. This entry was posted on May 15, 2009 at 4:42 pm and is filed under Uncategorized. Tagged: arsenie boca, old faithful, old faithful geyser, old faithful web cam live, skyemail, webcast. You can. Interesting if you enjoy seeing someone's brains splattered across the screen-not literally you sickoBasically this bad-boy has become a source of cheap therapy

(via xkcd: Headache) 14th May 2012. Shocking discovery about Dolphins - not so intelligent after all! 14th May 2012. Lab Coats = Fun. (via xkcd: Trimester) 13th May 2012 | 1 note (via xkcd: Voynich Manuscript) 13th May 2012. That's how it is. Really. Sadly.(via xkcd: Unsatisfied) 12th May 2012. Could not reproduce :D (via xkcd: CNR) 12th May 2012 (via xkcd: Parental Trolling) 11th May 2012. 1.5m members in the comics community. Everything related to print comics (comic books, graphic novels, and strips) and web comics. Artists are

Since G+ is down, a lot of interesting questions have vanished. Luckily I saved some by [] Jacek Laskowski - Google+ related to Spring4D and dependency injection:[] Spring4D IoC and specific singleton Jacek Laskowski - Google+. First my Google Groups archival reminder In the delightfully sophomoric movie Clerks 2, Randal tells Dante, Odds are there's someone out there who's a better match for you than the girl you are about to marry. Even if Dante engaged in the most thorough possible search for a wife (which he certainly didn't in the movie), Randal's statement is correct Source: XKCD. Consider this analogy, more of the selection story: People who have N scoops of ice cream are unsatisfied with N-1 scoops, and N+1 scoops seems like too much. Often, they end up thinking that the last scoop they had - the Nth scoop - put them over the edge and actually made them feel a bit full Karaf is showing my bundle as being UNSATISFIED despite all the references being satisfied. I am using the following three components - relevant console output from scr:list: [20 ] [UNSATISFIED. Posts sobre xkcd escritos por henrique. PuntoBlu. apenas um ponto a mais nesse mundo infinito Inicial; About . Insatisfeito maio 19, 2009. Acho excelente as tirinhas do XKCD. São simples, mas, ao mesmo tempo, dotadas de um texto incrivelmente complexo. Além de tudo, abragem qualquer assunto (já vi desenhos específicos sobre engenharia elétrica) e possuem seu lado cômico, claro! Vale.

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Guitar Hero, XKCD, Boys that are like Brothers, A reason to like facebook and Thomas Edison! I went to Harriet's house today :) I took her over a pair of blue skinny jeans that I bought but really don't fit me. I lost the receipt and I knew she would love them, so she's gonna give me a tenner and that's them gone for the rest of my life (gutted). I got my cup of tea which was extremley nice. This comic was inspired by this xkcd strip of the same name. I always wondered how products that promise your money back if you're not 100% satisfied ever made any money. Couldn't someone just pretend to be unsatisfied just to keep getting the product for free? How on earth are they measuring the percent that you're satisfie Jun 29, 2011 - This Pin was discovered by GGiovanna. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Gosto das tirinhas do Charlie Brown, Snoopy e sua turma. A série Peanuts, do cartunista Charles Schulz retrata e inspira, de forma simples, coisas singulares da vida. Quando surgiu pela primeira vez, na década de 50, as histórias dos garotos depressivos e cabeçudos causaram certo estranhamento I created a travelmaps-function which adjusts some settings and provides the three functions country, city, and arrow.The settings consist of a tweaked version of the xkcd-style, the colour-cycle from Bayesian Methods for Hackers, and setting the figure.dpi and savefig.dpi to the same value, so the on-screen figures look like the saved pdfs.. The function country is an adapted version from a.

Only registered users can add comments. [ Registration | Login] Login form: Section categorie Jan 26, 2013 - how life feels after a programming class [python pin 584: Unsatisfied - explain xkcd . Most cases of plagiarism can be avoided, however, by citing sources. Simply acknowledging that certain material has been borrowed and providing your audience with the information necessary to find that source is usually enough to prevent plagiarism. See our section on citation for more information on how to cite sources properly A Game of Commitment scores. Five-line XKCD ekphrasis. Friday, 27 July 2012. Comic 1087 - Cirith Ungol. There lurks a beast in Cirith Ungol In atmosphere gloomy and fungal Her heart black as night Who quotes... EB White?! When spinning her spiderweb jungle. Original comic here. Posted by Edward Limerick Lear at 11:07 am No comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels. It's 1755 and we're unsatisfied with the amount of work that steam does. And meanwhile, old man McCraken is hollering about[] Category : Uncategorized; XKCD Visualizes Money. Posted on August 29, 2012 by Christopher Berry. A pretty neat visualization from XKCD caught my eye. Check this out. It's so much chart. Look at the big view. Wow. A few points: It's a lot of chart. Look.

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Thanks for sending me a link to this and and xkcd comic. I'm a big sucker for xkcd comics, so it certainly made me go look at your link. Unfortunately, I spend a lot of time deep in the bowels of bugzilla so I don't have time to look at the forums that often. In the future, please call me Kim versus Mrs. Moir. I didn't change my last name when I got married, Mrs. Moir is my Mom to m Finden Sie hilfreiche Kundenrezensionen und Rezensionsbewertungen für Sony DPT-RP1/B 33 cm (13 Zoll), digitales Papier, weiß 13.3 weiß auf Amazon.de. Lesen Sie ehrliche und unvoreingenommene Rezensionen von unseren Nutzern 17 sept. 2012 - Explorez le tableau « Love xkcd » de Sophie Ferrandino, auquel 110 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème humour, premiers sons, clin d'oeil

So one is left oddly unsatisfied by any depth; a whirlwind tour of the fairly well known secrets of the past but not a lot to get teeth into. And a lingering thought of what secrets are being hidden now. Encryption Machines How To Bring Doiwn An Airship Enigma Spy's Lighter GCHQ Looking Down Secret Dust. The Art Of Innovation Moon. Detailed drawing. I'd left a couple of hours between. However, some interactions must be unsatisfied locally. In the example shown there are two ways of arranging these 'misaligned' spins. To rearrange from one to the other a very complicated set of spin changes must be made. This rearrangement is entropically disfavored at high temperature and energetically disfavored at low temperature. Many large-scale moves must be made for the system to. Top 1331 xkcd's on Reddit. Rank Comic Count Percent of References Std Deviations From Mean; 1: 1053: Ten Thousan (Courtesy of xkcd) Ways to be Creative in Computer Science. Evolving: If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. (Sir Isaac Newton) Borrowing: From the natural world (e.g., the brain, genetics, ants) From other disciplines (e.g., annealing) Observing: Unsatisfied needs; Emerging technologies (e.g., quantum computers) An Example. The Original Innovation: An.

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Xkcd Dating Age Acceptable Somebody slammed a bedroom window on it? These people stop being angry after a day or two and then no longer make these comments, even assuming they meant it in the first place which most of them dont. Dating Age Acceptable Xkcd These are good examples of how the consistent use of the Oxford comma can avoid temporary confusion as to the meaning of a sentence: There. Home; Comic Archive; Browse by Author; Browse by Source; Comic strips remain the property of the author; requests for copying and printing should be directed to the author of th

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Athena bot - A Small Utilitarian IRC bot for esolangs and much more! - Benderx2/athena_bo Another way to view technical debt is to consider the number of defects that have been deferred in a product that has been released, the number of accepted requirements that remain unsatisfied, the number of tests that have not been built to validate new functionality, the number of tests that have not been added to the regression suite, and documentation that has not yet been written. $\begingroup$ Unsatisfied by the answer as it does not consider at the molecular level near cube when its traveling at that speed. Rising glass in xkcd what if. 1. A fan is connected to a pipe, what happens to the airflow after the pressure drop? 1. Self propelling vacuum container in water. 1. Can gas at near-vacuum densities pool at the bottom of containers? Hot Network Questions Boom of. I could be cheap and just link to xkcd-927 and be done with it, but that would neither be useful to anyone nor respectful towards all the people who worked on ActivityPub, so here we are. Preface . Distributed social networking is hard. Not only are we facing a lot of very tricky challenges whenever we implement a feature, we also have to deal with a lot of different beliefs and perspectives. FAQ Friday - Unsatisfied with Your Writing? As I'm sure you can imagine, I get queried quite frequently about writing advice. Occasionally, when responding to these emailed requests, I see an opportunity to respond to the writing community at large. So, while my answer is written in direct response to the sender, I hope it Read more. New fan art + Updates. June 18, 2019. New fan art.

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Replacements - Unsatisfied (Audio Only) (by nz0mgw) (Source: youtube.com) 5th Sep 2011 | 118 notes (Source: postoditacco-blog, via unaltroinutile-blog) 5th Sep 2011 | 3 notes. e dite che non l'avete mai fatto. (via DOGHOUSE | Uses For The Modern Phone) 4th Sep 2011 . Station Wagon o (via xkcd: Family Decals) 4th Sep 2011 | 2 notes. MALE CAMEL TOE when a male wears pants that are too tight. emacs-xkcd - Read xkcd from emacs. gnugo.el - The official Emacs Lisp interface to GNU Go. exwm - EXWM turns Emacs into a full-featured tiling X window manager. Pacmacs - Pacman-like game for Emacs. speed-type - Practice speed/touch typing in Emacs; fsc.el - Fuck the Speeching Censorship! wttrin - Emacs frontend for weather web service wttr.in

The News is a part of Plague Inc. in which world news is displayed. There are some headlines which affect the plague and others which are entirely random. There are also CDC, WHO and formerly RMS news headlines. For more information, please see List of references. 1 News involving or about the Plague 2 Neurax Worm 3 Necroa Virus 4 Simian Flu 5 Shadow Plague 6 Frozen Virus 7 Nipah Virus 8 Santa. Optimized fleet deployment - We know, at any minute of the day, the number of scooters that our customers need over the next few hours, which reduces unsatisfied demand by more than 50%; If you face a similar challenge, our advice is clear: go fully serverless and use the spectrum of solutions available from AWS Blackhat is a 2015 American action thriller film produced and directed by Michael Mann and starring Chris Hemsworth, Tang Wei, Viola Davis, Holt McCallany, and Wang Leehom.The film premiered at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on January 8, 2015, and was released in theaters on January 16. Blackhat was a box office bomb, earning only $19.7 million at the box office against a budget of. 442 - xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel: QmPeDGDx 289 kB . 443 - Know Your Vines: QmXWXRVC 79 kB . 444 - Macgyver Gets Lazy: Qmb2TTdq 22 kB . 445 - I Am Not Good with Boomerangs. The last time I almost went blind staring at that dress was thanks to Liz Hurley and on this occasion I find myself equally unsatisfied. I'll spare you the introduction about the amazing blue/black or white/gold dress. But what's left me rather disappointed are the numerous 'science of the dress' articles that have appeared everywher

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xkcd. If this were a normal career guide, we'd start by getting you to write out a list of what you most want from a job, like working outdoors and working with ambitious people. The best-selling career advice book of all time, What Color is Your Parachute, recommends exactly this. The hope is that, deep down, people know what they really want. However, research shows that. Mantic Monday: Mantic Matt Y - Astral Codex Ten. If still unsatisfied, you also can take a look of GNU Emacs Themes Gallery for screenshots of almost all available Emacs themes. Multimedia. mpc - [build-in] An Emacs front end to the Music Player Daemon; EMMS - The Emacs Multimedia System; Bongo - A flexible and usable media player for GNU Emacs; Dionysos - A simple music player for Emacs; Fun. Nyan-mode - Let Nyan Cat show you your buffer. And this time I again was unsatisfied with the game page of minecraft. When playing on a widesceen display this 8xx width is just too tiny and fullscreen is inapropriate either when you cannot focus on the game entirely (having these blocky graphics on 1920×1080 doesn't cut it anyway) So, I started Firebug over again, stretched minecrafts java applet plus the surrounding layout manually.

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It was already evening by the time the developer contacted me. The deadbeef commit patch had disappeared from the master branch. This showed changes to the file: let's call it Page.php. Th The history of Unicode can be dated all the way back to the 1960s - the time when people were still using teletypes (teleprinters, teletypewriters) to communicate with each other.. ASCII was designed for use with these teletypes, which were the primary medium of communication during the 1960s. Before ASCII, teleprinters used a 5-bit encoding system, which can only give 2 5 = 32 possible.

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I can't help feeling that such a position, though logically sound, would have left one feeling pretty unsatisfied, and that although atheism might have been logically tenable before Darwin, Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist Review of Sherry Turkle's Alone Together: Why we expect more from technology and less from each other 2011, Basic Books (Attention conservation notice: a rambling 1800 word book review in which I am rude about Sherry Turkle and psychoanalysis, and I tell you how to think properly about the psychology of technology)This book annoyed me so much I wasn't sure at page 12 if I could manage the.

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Yet it remains true that even among the prosperous, there are those unsatisfied souls who find in occultism something more appealing than the approved entertainments of their class and time can offer them. John Winthrop Jr., who combined a lifelong interest in alchemy with a career that included serving as colonial Connecticut's first governor, is one example we've already discussed, and. Davide Corna ist bei Facebook. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Davide Corna und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Facebook gibt Menschen die.. The punchline of this xkcd strip. And also the punchline of this one. Ménage à 3: Didi has had several boyfriends but never experienced an orgasm due to this trope. It happens to every guy who has sex with her, because of her supreme beauty. And then there's Gary, who lasted a whopping 43 seconds on his first time. Luckily he makes it up to Kiley by eating her out. #536 - #545; Corbin from. Latest xkcd comic; W3C; EFF; Elsewhere . GitHub; BitBucket; StackOverflow; Property sellers back but buyers left unsatisfied - The Australian. Property sellers back but buyers left unsatisfied The AustralianView Full coverage on Google News. Tuesday 2nd March 2021 5:32 am. Back to Top stories - Google News blog. peeto.net v7.0 Chris Petersen 2017-2021 This site uses cookies. Here is the cookie.

Mark Antiporda is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Mark Antiporda and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes.. What classic novel endings have left you unsatisfied? What endings would you change if you had the power to do so? I would jump into; Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott. I don't know about any having left me particularly dissatisfied, I quite like the ending of Little Women, but then I have the UK version which means it's only part 1. when it was published in the USA Little Women includes. I've worked through various ways of trying to implement goto in Javascript via preprocessing for the parenscript CL library, and have always come away feeling unsatisfied. You can do it, but as far as I can tell, you have to use a trampoline I found myself agreeing, but strangely unsatisfied. It took a few minutes to figure out why. Dehumanization is only half the story. Yes, it goes on even now, subtler than our Get the Japs posters of WW II. But humanization is work, too. It's not entirely natural for most people to recognize the divinity of every human being. It takes some work for us, or some event. I think the. Nobse's blog posting about his ITP the text mode menu- and window-driven front-end to mpg123, mpg321 and ogg123 orpheus made me curious since I was also unsatisfied with the audio players I used so far and mostly ended up in using mpg123 -Z *.mp3, because it works fine and is not as resource-hungry as XMMS.And for CDs I usually used a self-written perl wrapper around the command line tools. https://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/mv/msg/267832/767786/#msg_767786 we are currently trying to migrate our RCP application from Eclipse 3.

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