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  1. Looking at the different sectors, in the future, trading and e-commerce and retail segments are expected to hold a major market share when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The penetration of digital currencies in digital payments is expected to affect the cross-border transfers, and digital currencies have the potential to become the main vehicle for e-payment if not the only one. This will make digital payment services - powered by blockchain technology - the next great upheaval in global.
  2. Bitcoin sported a market value of over $2 billion at its peak, but a 50% plunge shortly thereafter sparked a raging debate about the future of cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular
  3. Is There Any Future of Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are developing not only in perspective of price. For instance, national currencies and derivatives open new prospects for the crypto market. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) The most anticipated currency today is the digital yuan. This will be a significant step in changing the financial system. The Chinese authorities are actively introducing many modern technologies into the everyday life of their citizens, so it can be expected.
  4. The future of cryptocurrency The number one thing is that digital currency is just the first application, Rose says. If we want to look ahead and get ahead of the game, look to all of the industries that are going to change, shift, and evolve based on Blockchain technology. This could potentially change every facet of the internet world as we know it. My new favorite emerging.
  5. These threats might stop the introduction of cryptocurrency as the future of money, and in some cases, might jeopardize the entire crypto ecosystem. The first threat against crypto comes in the form of quantum computing. Cryptocurrencies typically operate on military-grade encryption for the networks that control the various blockchains. Google recently released the first-ever quantum computer, and they state that four to five evolutions of the processor could lead to breaking 256-bit.
  6. Cryptocurrency in 2025: What Does the Future Hold for Digital Money? Welcome to a Paperless Society. Cryptocurrencies will play their respective role in rendering paper money and billing... Libra Rising. Bitcoin may still rule the roost by 2025, but the crypto giant may be looking over its shoulder.

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  1. But, the future of Cryptocurrency is still getting plenty of predictions every moment. People from different domains have started looking for these predictions. In December 2017, Bitcoin broke the..
  2. The future of cryptocurrency will seem bright, especially to speculators with a vested interest in an increase in demand for cryptocurrency. For now, the cryptocurrency markets are still in the introductory stage, and many laws around them are still undefined. Only time will reveal the outcome of this cryptocurrency prediction and where the future of cryptocurrency will lie. 6. Ethereum To.
  3. Without further ado, here are 6 reasons why cryptocurrencies are the future of investment. 1. The Returns Are Incredible For the short period they have been around, cryptocurrencies have proven to be among the most profitable investment options out there
  4. In February 2021, Bitcoin broke through $50,000 for the first time as the cryptocurrency continued its rally. Bitcoin specially surged after Tesla revealed it bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin and that it plans to start accepting bitcoin as payment in the future. Elon Musk said: I do think at this point Bitcoin is a good thing
  5. Still, there are many who would only ever want exposure to cryptocurrency through futures, and arguably their contributions still help to stimulate the market and spread interest. Whether you want them or not, futures based on decentralized assets are probably only going to grow in popularity as the market matures. Even if they don't trade them, users should be informed as to how this type of product works and how it is changing the face of the crypto markets moving forward
  6. Future of cryptocurrency: Will cryptocurrency replace national currency? Despite these negative aspects, there is still great potential for cryptocurrencies to flourish, and murmurs are already being heard of its potential to replace national currencies one day. This is the opinion of Google's top-rated futurist Thomas Frey, who predicted that, by 2030, cryptocurrency will have a significant.

Considering the vast growth of crypto in the past decade, providing new employees a company cryptocurrency as equity shares could be a huge new trend. In any case, it will be interesting to.. Cryptocurrency is the future of the internet, or at least it's next stage, because it is inherently superior to traditional financial systems we use today. For one, the financial sector is full of third-party services eating up unnecessary costs UK cryptocurrency startups coining the future of fintech in 2021 Bitcoin has been in the spotlight for several months now for various reasons. The digital currency created by the mysterious and pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto has achieved a remarkable rise in 2020 amid the COVID pandemic, Brexit, and much more In my future posts, I am going to write more information about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and the blockchain technology. I will share my experience and knowledge, guide you through ( step-by-step) and show how to start with Bitcoin. You will learn how to choose and set up a wallet, how to buy and sell cryptocurrency. I will also explain how to register with best crypto exchanges, what you need. The Future of Cryptocurrency in India Cryptocurrency is now used to make online purchases or even physical products and hence provides a great opportunity for business holders and companies to monetize various digital applications. It is also a probable option for getting used in social networks, loyalty games and P2P networks

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(Cryptocurrency future in Russia) These use cases and predictions speaks a lot about the future of cryptocurrencies in 2020 and even after that. The blockchain (the technology behind cryptocurrencies) space is growing faster than ever. As these organizations and technologies mature, their real-world use cases will increase manifold, more than. Cryptocurrency is going to be a democratizing force for the world because it allows anyone with a computer and an internet connection to get access to financ.. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is produced and operated using sophisticated cryptographic techniques such as cryptography. Cryptocurrency took a jump from becoming an abstract idea to (digital) practice with the emergence of Bitcoin in 2009. Although Bitcoin gained increasing interest in future months, it grabbed substantial consumer and press coverage in April 2013 until it reached. Cryptocurrency - Present and the Future. The charts show a positive trend of the cryptocurrency market with market capitalization crossing $1 trillion. Despite economic recessions in the world in 2020 the cryptocurrency market kept growing and is still growing. It has been predicted that bitcoin will close above $30,000 by the end of 2021. Another prediction is that the world would see the. The ones with the best future are those with real-world applications. You can also gauge potential by looking at community and investor interest. What cryptocurrency has the most potential in 2021.

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  1. ed scarcity and computing Cryptocurrencies change the way of financial transactions in the future - Cryptocurrency New
  2. The Future of Cryptocurrency. Several financial investigators anticipate a major change in the crypto segment, as the institutional money enters the market. Besides, there is also a possibility that crypto will be listed on the NASDAQ, which would additionally add credibility to blockchain and can be used as an option for conventional currencies. Bitcoin and blockchain technology, specifically.
  3. The future of Cryptocurrency. What is the future of cryptocurrency, many people ask. In the economy of the future, the main goal is to get rid of intermediaries. They will not be needed. If we believe in this then the whole concept of economy and the whole world vision of it should change. Most of the legal entities that surround us become unnecessary. A large number of functions of the state.
  4. The rapid changes in cryptocurrency open an ample room for many possibilities in the near future. Expect cryptocurrency to be part of your life. It is steadily spreading its roots and will change.

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In fact, as more users start investing in cryptocurrencies, it will become more obvious to invest in the ones that have the latest technology.Moreover, these new currencies are much more scalable and faster and offer much more benefits then BTC. Some critics also share some scepticism about the performance and future of altcoins and think that it is too early to invest in them Cryptocurrency Will Replace National Currencies by 2030. Cryptocurrency is very much here to stay, said futurist and author Thomas Frey, noting that he's speaking to the Federal Reserve in September on the topic. He predicts that cryptocurrencies are going to displace roughly 25% of national currencies by 2030. They're just much. Will cryptocurrency replace fiat money in the future? This is one of the biggest questions people ask, considering that the use of cryptocurrencies has significantly grown over the years. Without a doubt, the use of cryptos has the power to overcome fiat currency usage in everyday life. Experts project that in a few years, these digital currencies may supersede traditional currencies as the.

How Cryptocurrency Works . When it comes to having an understanding of how crypto works, almost all cryptocurrencies differ in some way. With this being said, there are a number of common factors that can be found between them. Firstly, a cryptocurrency is a 'digital currency', and a medium of exchange. It takes the form of tokens or coins. Future of cryptocurrencies :- Cryptocurrencies are still in the initial stages and the technology is constantly evolving. So, if cryptocurrencies are... But at present many people are looking at cryptocurrencies as an investment option with the expectations of becoming.. Emerging storage-based cryptocurrency Chia could jack up SSD/HDD prices in the future Chia coin is based on a 'proof of space and time' model where miners earn currency in exchange for unused disk. So is cryptocurrency the future of money? Not yet, it seems. Bitcoin certainly cannot replace our existing monetary systems at the moment, nor the payment systems either, says Brown. However, if I was to take you back a hundred years and show you the Wright brothers and their attempts at aviation and tell you that was going to change the world, you wouldn't necessarily see what it could. Will cryptocurrency be the future of money? Deutsche Bank's Imagine 2030 report suggests that the rising demand for anonymous transactions and decentralisation equates to digital currency possibly replacing cash. The German bank has forecast cryptocurrency growth along a similar path to how the internet grew in its first twenty years, growing fourfold over the next decade to 200 million.

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Banks know very well what they are doing, and the fact that they recognize cryptocurrencies more shows that the future of cryptocurrencies is bright. Conclusion. There has been criticism about cryptocurrencies, but it is precisely those critics who are investing in crypto now. The forecast of Deutsche Bank can not be taken as incidental because a bank would never say something unaware of it. Future Scope: The new corporation agreement between Starbucks, Microsoft, and ICE (International Exchange) is one of the good indications that retailers are prepared to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. This allows Starbucks customers to pay for coffee by Bitcoins. We can see that the cryptocurrency market will thrive in 2020. But.

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(Bloomberg Opinion) -- As Bitcoin soared to above $28,000 over the weekend, talk resumed about the promising and dramatic future of cryptocurrency. The chief global strategist of Morgan Stanley. Possible use of cryptocurrencies in the future and in commerce. There are lots of advantages and disadvantages to the current use of digital currencies. The current level of development requires a compromise to determine the direction of it in the future. Advantages. The transaction of sending money abroad and among states is extremely efficient and cost-effective, the current banking system.

But after considering the growing phase of digital platforms and digital currency, we can say that Cryptocurrency is the future of currency. We can see the continuous growth in the usage of Cryptocurrency in India as well as in the world. Still a debate going on as to the legality and usage of cryptocurrencies. Half of the people are supporting Cryptocurrency whereas many people are resisting. The future of cryptocurrency. By Shanelle Mattu on Mar 23 2021 11:44am. 11. Pinsent Masons paralegal Shanelle Mattu tracks the evolution of currency and considers whether crypto assets are the. Is This the Future of Cryptocurrency Trading? by Luis Aureliano. April 20, 2021 3:53 pm. License. Although most cryptocurrencies are founded upon the tenets of decentralization, self-sovereignty. As Bitcoin is getting higher over and over again, experts are sure about the dramatic and promising future of cryptocurrency. Even, Morgan Stanley Investment Management's chief global strategist has also ascertained that things will be changing in the near future. Considering the constant growth of Bitcoin, experts are predicting that it might become a global.. The Morgan Creek Capital Management and its analysts also stated that fiat would be replaced entirely by cryptocurrencies in the future. Simultaneously, Tim Draper, the venture investor in 2017, also made a statement that bitcoin and its counterparts will replace feist currencies in five years. However, at current times, we can see a tight linkage between the crypto and fiat exchange. The.

Cryptocurrency: Redefining the Future of Finance. Cryptocurrency is a thriving ecosystem, quietly encroaching on conventional finance's territory. Over the last five years, Bitcoin users and transactions have averaged a growth rate of nearly 60% per year. Similarly, private and public investors have deepened their commitment to cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Ripple (XRP), and Stellar. Is cryptocurrency the future? There's much debate about cryptocurrencies' future. Some argue that because cryptocurrencies' usage is limited to transactions, they're more vulnerable to collapse Cryptocurrency continues to gain mainstream approval, and there is pressure on governments to embrace it. The fact that it is not tied to a particular country, or their currency, means that it is beyond the scope of existing taxing frameworks. If, or when, governments are able to tax cryptocurrency, you will most likely find it added to the legislation. At that point, it is almost guaranteed.

We feature 6 cryptocurrency predictions for 2021 in this article, and we list them here in an overview: 1. The secular crypto bull market accelerates in 2021, a not so shocking cryptocurrency prediction. 2. The beal breakthrough of adoption of blo.. Cryptocurrency as the Future World Money. Governments, corporate entities, and private citizens will all need to work together to push the token economy to greater heights—that is, for cryptocurrencies to be used all around the world for shopping, trading, and investing course, as soon as possible. Ultimately, cryptocurrencies might be an alternative to the failing current monetary system.

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Emerging cryptocurrency, Chia, is mined by using storage space and may lead to hard drive and SSD shortages in the near future Another reason to believe that the future of cryptocurrency in India is bright is because of the fact that there are as many as 300 million people who are unbanked. The cryptocurrency can be the bank for that section of the society. Unlike traditional banking, it does not need any physical infrastructure and is reachable to all parts of India. The Rise in Trading Exchanges. The surge in. Cryptocurrency Insurance Could Be A Big Industry In The Future. FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN By. Full Bio. Follow Linkedin. Rakesh Sharma is a writer with 8+ years of experience about the. Future of cryptocurrency In the absence of regulation and recognition by the Government of India, the future of cryptocurrencies seems to be in a disarray. The Central Government recently revealed that it will introduce a new bill on cryptocurrencies. There is no information so far on the contents of The Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2021. In 2018, the RBI had. What's the Future of Cryptocurrency Mining? Updated on Jul 2, 2019 by Guest Authors. The history of cryptocurrency mining dates back to 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto founded Bitcoin. Initially developed so that anyone could participate in verifying Bitcoin transactions with their CPUs, the process of mining Bitcoins took an unexpected turn. Less than three years after Bitcoin was launched, it.

As an option for the future, cryptocurrencies seem to be the perfect payment method in ecommerce as this is a digital transaction system. Currently, their use is not very extended for large brands or for small retailers, as cryptocurrencies are only used by the most technologically advanced buyers - the minority. Ecommerce still has the challenge of taking advantage of the increase in. Cryptocurrencies will have to change: Presently, the major cryptocurrencies (prominently bitcoin and ethereum) are more stores of value than media of exchange. It is, therefore, less easy for banks to trade or deal with them directly. However, in a cryptocurrency dominated economy, they would be valuable as media of exchange. This will make the cryptocurrencies more suited for trading and. Cryptocurrency's Future in the U.S. Is Threatened By SEC Action Against Ripple. 1 like • 5 shares. Bloomberg Law - news.bloomberglaw.com • 2h. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler has an important opportunity to undo actions taken in the waning hours of the Trump Read more on bloomberglaw.com. Digital Currency; Cryptocurrency; Currency; Finance; Financial. 2012-2017: Cryptocurrencies steadily gain traction. The price of Bitcoin shoots up from around $5 at the start of 2012 to almost $1,000 at the end of 2017. This period also sees cryptocurrency exchanges mushroom in India, including Zebpay, Coinsecure, Unocoin, Koinex and Pocket Bits

However, Shetty thinks the future is exciting for cryptocurrency in India. We've seen our Prime Minister talk positively about blockchain, and I'm positive that he'll ensure the Indian. Cryptocurrency is the future. 209 likes · 9 talking about this. Wilt u weten wat de verschillende mogelijkheden zijn om online geld te kunnen verdienen. Wilt u weten hoe u goederen via Amazon kan..

Cryptocurrency trading has become more prevalent these days, with exchange platforms emerging every day.However, it can be hard to invest in a financial asset without having an idea of what the future holds for it. Therefore, if you're among those who hopped on the crypto bandwagon because you were following the crowd, you need to change your priorities Next Big Cryptocurrency No. 5: NEM (XEM) One last cryptocurrency that could explode in 2021 is NEM (CCC: XEM). In fact, NEM has already exploded, up 180% for the year so far. Although this is a. The Future of Cryptocurrency | An Investor's Comparison of Bitcoin and Ethereum | Page 9 Note that the (*) values show the weekly closing prices as discounted by search traffic in that period.

Predicting the future of the weird and wonderful world of crypto might be a tall order for even the most prolific of psychics. Just five years ago Bitcoin was recovering from its first crash and was trading at around £220 - with experts continually dismissing the cryptocurrency as a bubble Sia is a cryptocurrency set to dramatically change the way we look at enterprise cloud storage, and the technology is no doubt set to transform data storage in the future. It has its eyes set firmly on a market currently dominated by Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Dropbox The main topic for the near future is the tax regulation of cryptocurrencies. Today, crypto taxation is still an obscure thing - an ideal picture far from reality. Crypto taxes are not yet widespread, and while they are unwelcome to some, they have begun appearing in some countries as those markets mature and governments see their revenue raising potential outweighing previous crypto. However, the future of Ripple cryptocurrency might be in jeopardy as of late. While Ripple failed to make any significant headlines during 2020, the last few months have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for XRP supporters. Facing increasing amounts of controversy, the XRP failed to follow the rest of the cryptocurrency market into the current bull run. In this article, we give you a.

The Future of Cryptocurrency son to attempt to create a form of digital currency structure; however previous digital currency often failed because they were unable to combat double spend-ing. 13 . Currency owners would spend the same digital currency twice, so digital currencies were centralized to make sure double spending did not occur. Nakamoto created a system for cryptocurrencies, that. Cryptocurrency is a general term used to describe digital currencies created to enable the medium of exchange using cryptography. Bitcoin is the first-ever decentralized cryptocurrency created. With the popularity of Cryptocurrencies across the globe, it is certain that the future looks bright for digital currencies. More and more people. Cryptocurrency, an encrypted, peer-to-peer network for facilitating digital barter, is a technology developed eight years ago. Bitcoin, the first and most popular cryptocurrency, is paving the way.

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Cryptocurrencies have become popular because they make the transfer of funds between two parties easier. Therefore, one doesn't need to involve a third party like a bank or any other financial institution. Cryptocurrency is more secure and creates a second impact on the world's financial system and is ultimately helping to transform the financial system in the future What is The Future of Cryptocurrency? Many economic analysts foresee that The Bitcoin Compass will be the future of institutional money. In addition to that, there is also a chance that cryptocurrency will be at the top of Nasdaq. This will add to the blockchain's credentials. Experts say that it will replace the conventional currencies in the future. The cryptocurrency will be used as an. Forecasting the future of cryptocurrency in 2021. As mentioned in the previous sections, Ripple is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies among users. Ripple's progress in recent years has made it one of the world's leading cryptocurrencies, along with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Will this trend continue in 2021? What future awaits Ripple investors? First of all, keep in mind that high. Cryptocurrencies have been around for several years now and, though people initially expected them to change the online payment landscape, they have not had as much of an impact as was first predicted. Nevertheless, they still have the potential to prove to be a useful form of online currency. Let's take a closer look at why they might be the future of online transactions

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The recent announcement by Tesla (TSLA) that it would begin accepting Bitcoin as payment for its cars - and that it was buying $1.5 billion of the cryptocurrency - put digital finance under. The fact that Bitcoin keeps making a comeback when everyone thinks it's done proves that cryptocurrency is the future. Decentralized finance has a way of raising itself again with the help of government institutions. This increased attention to Bitcoin has many new users investing, and seasoned users are purchasing more Bitcoin. Some expect Bitcoin to rise as high as $300,000+ in the near.

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As cryptocurrency adoption increases, it's only logical to assume that credit cards will disappear. We simply won't need them anymore. Deutsche Bank is spot on with its prediction. But, predictions are always tricky. Hindsight is 20/20. Right now, everyone wants to believe. We can taste the decentralized future. Things take time, but the. TRON is set to be the Future Unlimited with TRONBull in the Cryptocurrency Space January 9, 2021 Off By Maheen Hernandez . Justin Sun points to how the year 2020 was a year full of ups and downs. With the CoVid-19 pandemic dealing a heavy blow to the global economy, the TRON brand is all set to bring in a new hope to the industry bringing in a new sense of vitality to the brand. TRON is. Though the initial journey for this cryptocurrency was not up to the necessary standard, it soon started to shape the future of the traditional banking system. People are used to the traditional baking system. To transfer their own money, people have to pay high fees. Moreover, the traditional banking system always has a minor transparency issue. However, in the cryptocurrency industry, you. Demand for cryptocurrencies is surging. The market's total capitalization is once again nearing $2 trillion, more than double what it was at the start of the year. Bitcoin (BTC), the market's leader, continues to lead the pack, setting new all-time highs on a monthly basis. Accordingly, cryptocurrency exchanges are feeling the pressure

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The future of the cryptocurrency market has great prospects as well as other options and directions in digital art like graphic design in 2021 or logo design trends 2021. Let's look at the most promising cryptocurrency trends in 2019. Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency on the market. It is rapidly moving, reaching new heights every few days or weeks, thereby increasing its. More than one third of Russians believed that cryptocurrency would become a regularly used payment method in the future, according to a survey from January 2020

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Future of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. More than anything, currently they are serving the investors a speculative instrument. There are huge risks involved and many nations have been restraining it in some way or the other. Many scholars and industrial leaders have stated that Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are some sort of Ponzi schemes. So when. The Future of Cryptocurrencies. Ksenia Semenova. Board of Contributors. 11 MIN READ Aug 21, 2019 | 19:28 GMT. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, visually represented in this photo illustration, hold tremendous potential as an alternative over traditional banking, but they deeply concern many governments. (CHESNOT/Getty Images) Highlights. Cryptocurrencies hold tremendous potential as an. Cryptocurrencies are a new force in financial markets, but their emergence is following an old pattern, for better and worse. Wednesday saw a step toward institutionalizing their trade with the. Gold will come alive as inflation picks up, but don't forget to embrace cryptocurrency. Ira Epstein, director of Ira Epstein Division of Linn and Associates joins BNN Bloomberg for his top down outlook on the market, and where he is finding new opportunities in the commodities and materials sector Bitcoin crosses $50000 level but what's the future of cryptocurrencies in India? Advertisement . Stock Market. Most Read. No, JEE April Schedule has not been cancelled! Check how to download JEE.

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The Future of Cryptocurrency is Now. About Crypto, Bitcoin, Economics, Explaining Bitcoin, Finance, History of Money, How Money Works, Stable Coins, Understanding Bitcoin May 1, 2020 June 9, 2020 2 Minutes. Top News-Byte In the previous News-Byte, we have seen how Stablecoins are engaging the global dimension of digital currency. We have identified what brought stability to cryptocurrency. Coinbase, A Bitcoin Startup, Goes Public. Is Crypto Really The 'Future Of Finance'? Coinbase's public debut comes as more institutions warm up to the idea of cryptocurrency and its popularity.

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The latest generation of stablecoins can have their value tied to practically anything, including cryptocurrency derivatives like futures positions, leveraged options, shares, and almost anything. On the future of cryptocurrency, he adds, That question is to be solved by a multi-stakeholder approach and can't be just one sector. Government and Civic societies have to be brought on board to decide the future of cryptocurrency and how it will look like and what kind of policy levers and technology standards encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. A multi. CRYPTO CURRENCIES AND THE FUTURE OF MONEY This report provides a comprehensive overview of how cryptocurrencies could be used for the betterment of society, how they currently function and how the general public use, understand and trust cryptocurrencies across a sample of eight countries

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Many cryptocurrency investors liken the future of Bitcoin to gold, a relatively stable, high-value asset that isn't traded often. For now though, Lee likens Bitcoin to a sandbox. We're letting the kids play in the sandbox so that they can make mistakes and grow. We're sort of keeping it segregated from the rest of the world, so that we can put a fence around any of the accidents. Today, we are going to take a look at what the future of cryptocurrency looks like, taking into consideration advancements in the sector. Investment vehicles Over the last three years, prominent organizations have started offering services pertaining to the cryptocurrency industry. With that, institutional investors, hedge fund managers, and investment managers have started developing an. Cryptocurrencies are here because they are the future of money. Yes, we all know that it is a young market, but young markets are where the best opportunities lie. Are you still on the edge of jumping into the crypto market? Worry not, because all you need is courage and knowledge to be able to cross to the other street of investment. We don't want to lose anyway, but why not try it first. The news is about The future of cryptocurrency in India: Rajendra Vallecha the latest news updates from Cryptocurrency Sector in India. Newsbarons is a greatest source of Industrial and business news updates around the world Elon Musk, the world's richest man, said in a video recorded by The Hollywood Fix that there's a good chance cryptocurrency is the future currency of Earth. Further, in the video, which lasted under two minutes, the eccentric billionaire went on to suggest it could easily be several cryptocurrencies that see mass adoption. His words were followed by candid advice not to over. The Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021, is likely being discussed in the current parliament session. Many believe that it will impose a complete ban on crypto trading in the country. However, no one has actually seen a draft of the bill yet. Encouragingly, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said that the government will take a 'calibrated' approach.

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